My grandparents purchased their Menlo Park home in the 1950s, and my mother attended Menlo Park public schools. In 1996, my husband and I purchased our home in Menlo Park, and our children also attend Menlo Park public schools. I have had my own law practice in the County for 16 years. 

Proven Track Record -  I have over 14 years of civic service, including 6 years on the Menlo Park Planning CommissionI was appointed to the Planning Commission in 2004 by Jellins, Duboc and Winkler, and reappointed in 2008 by Fergusson, Cline and Robinson.  I make decisions based on principles that benefit the entire community.  I have worked with fellow Commissioners on difficult issues, striving for a fact-oriented and fair outcome.

Key Endorsements:

Anna Eshoo
Member of Congress
Jerry Hill
Member of Assembly
Rich Gordon
County Supervisor
Adrienne Tissier
County Supervisor
Rose Jacobs GIbson
County Supervisor

Don Horsley
Former County Sherriff

Dave Pine
School Board Trustee

Rich Cline
Mayor of Menlo Park
John Boyle
Vice Mayor of Menlo Park

7 Former Mayors
Andy Cohen
Lee Duboc
Chuck Kinney
Steve Schmidt
Bob Stephens
Dee Tolles
Mickie Winkler
Professional and Cooperative - My broad base of support is a testament to my ability to work with individuals from across the political spectrum. I am committed to collaborating with people in a cooperative environment.

Fiscal Responsibility - We must balance the budget by cutting spending. I support Measure L, Pension Reform, as a way to cut back on unsustainable pension obligations.